Blocktrade Capital

Digital Asset Investment Fund

Blocktrade Capital is an actively traded, multi-disciplined crypto fund that aims to outperform Bitcoin on a consistent basis. The fund looks to invest in projects that are currently trading on exchanges, have products that resonate with people in the crypto community, and have likable teams that are actively trying to grow their projects.

Blocktrade Capital views all new investments on an initial 3-month timeframe. If, after 3 months, a project is gaining significant traction, the fund will allocate additional resources and efforts to the team. If a project is not achieving desired growth rates after 3 months, the fund will look to close out of its positions.

The fund defines “growth” in two key areas: increased customer adoption and increased token valuation. Successful projects demonstrate growth in both areas, not just one.

Crypto Currency Index

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Team member
Ben Marks
Ben Marks is the founder and chief executive officer of Blocktrade Capital. Ben has been invested in Bitcoin since early 2014, and prior to that, he worked in Bank of America’s Home Loans division and Wells Fargo’s Asset-Based Lending Group. Ben holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree in management from Boston College.